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guardSo myself, Rohan and Morgan (from our co-developer at Epiphany Games) were recently speculating about the size of our project. From humble beginnings, we realised that the size and scope of the project had well exceeded not just the expectations of Rohan and I (Noobs), but also Morgan, who projected that it’d take about three months to make and would end up with a budget of about $180’000 give or take. (Granted, this was at a Bavarian Bier Café – Morg)

That was full time work for a decent sized team of people, but for one reason or another circumstances conspired to mean that the game was worked on part time by Rohan, myself, Epiphany and our contracted contributors outside of our other gainful employment. I have been writing about videogames to pay the rent, Rohan has been working in IT, our musician was working time in between looking after his kid and working in video production and our character artist was forging through an ever-increasing amount of study while working at a bar.

The bottom line – the game has now taken 18 months and counting. And when we took a look back over all the hours and take a conservative estimate, our best guess at a budget, if we’d had one, would be somewhere in between $400-500k.

The best advice I can give for anyone looking to create a very large game with very little up front capital is as follows:

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So our fellows at Epiphany Games have been hard at work here in Sydney for the last 2-3 years with a team of about 12-15 people
creating a PC RTS called Frozen Hearth.

The very first previews are up, the game is currently on Steam Greenlight (be sure to give it a push), and in just one little hour, Morgan Lean and Sam Jensen (Director and Lead Designer of Frozen Hearth respectively) will be on GameSpotAU LIVE via Twitch TV showcasing the game and demonstrating it in action to the crew at GameSpot.

Check out the below press on it – the game’s coming THIS MONTH – then tune in at 2pm to GameSpot AU to hear straight from the horse’s mouth what the game is all about:

“I was quietly impressed not only by the team’s focus, the strength of their ideas and their skill in crafting the fundamentals of a solid strategy game.”

“…[an] Australian-made RTS that’s set to stand with the best of them.”


“I’m ashamed to admit, looks a whole lot better than what my jaded expectations were for a local RTS of which I’d never heard.”

“I was honestly surprised to discover how much fun could be had in a MOBA that still has more than a pinch of RTS flavour.”

“If you’re a fan of MOBAs or love RTS and want to have a look at what this whole MOBA craze is all about, this Aussie title may be up your alley…”

The Frag:

“Simply put, Frozen Hearth is a game that made me care about my actions a lot more than I thought it would, and that in itself makes for an extremely refreshing gameplay experience.”

“Frozen Hearth is a rock solid RTS that has a great level of depth to it.”

“With a beautifully lush environment and well created characters, I instantly became attached to the world of Ámorrá.”

AusGamers Multiplayer Trailer:

Atomic MPC Studio Tour:,epiphany-games-studio-tour-for-rtsmoba-frozen-hearth.aspx