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Can’t tell if Cabbage…





…or Audrey 2?

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As we push on into milestone two, a significant amount of art needs to be created. Our world will be populated by many little large-headed inhabitants, which are all two dimensional, so we’ve been embarking on getting them to suitably fit into our bizarrely scrap-book style world.

Joshua, our animator, opted to manually create each and every sprite, the prospect of which makes the mind meander over to the corner of its skull and weep quietly into the pituitary gland in the hopes that its tears will act as a conductor to send an electrical impulse from a nearby synapse directly into it so it can die an early death, just to make the sprite-producing nightmare stop.

Or something like that.

Josh’s approach is based on the problem of procedural generation of sprites being too restrictive, insofar as it limits our ability to add too much variety to the characters, requiring a one-size-fits-all direction.

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Ladies and gentlemen, it is my gratuitous pleasure to announce Eliot Fish as the composer for Flat Earth Games’ first title. Eliot is undoubtedly a familiar face to some of you existing in the Australian videogame circles.

He produced ABC’s Good Game for a couple of years, and is perhaps better known as the editor of HYPER magazine, where he had the helm for 5 years from ’99-’04.

Eliot’s been in gaming for absolutely ages, but also released an EP entitled ‘Trick of Light’, and played as a bassist for years in Big Heavy Stuff (got an ARIA nomination in 2001) and The Apartments. He’s toured all over Australia and internationally, playing (with The Apartments) to sold out shows in France, and touring locally (with Big Heavy Stuff) with the likes of Radiohead, Powderfinger and Jebediah.

Perhaps more importantly, he’s just a gosh-darned lovely guy, and we’re stoked to have him on board.

Check out a bunch of Eliot’s music here (

Welcome aboard!

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The prodigious offspring of Josh Sawyer and Will Wright (I think) has decided to come and join our humble team here at Flat Earth, and is being tasked with making things move!

Joshua Wright, the deliciously talented guy over at who has done work for such fine and prestigious companies as Playbit Entertainment and the illustrious Tin Man Games (creators of the Gamebook Adventure series who just recently scored the Final Fantasy license, which is sick).

Josh joins out character artist Justine Colla and our environmental artist Corey Attard, both graduates of AIE, to help bring the world and inhabitants of our first game to life.

Oh yes, there will be harvesting.

Stay tuned… more soon…