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By @ 09/13/13 in links

CNet Australia has a great write-up of TownCraft up on their home page now, which is definitely worth checking out.

I spoke to Michelle Starr about how the game came about and what we were trying to do, and it certainly seems like the folks at CNet are very on board with our humble vision.

“TownCraft is something quite wonderful, made by gamers to appeal to gamers. It’s deeply engaging, drawing you in with rich gameplay that, rather than frustrating you with difficulty, relaxes and comforts with engrossing complexity.” – CNet

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In the middle of Darling Harbour, during the drizzling rain the other week, Mark Serrels from Kotaku Australia interviewed us about life, video games, growing up as brothers and now making video games as brothers – more precisely, making the kind of video games that used to inspire us as kids.

You can read it over at Kotaku AU.

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So our friends over at Indiebits have just run a feature outlining just how the hell we all got to where we are. Rohan and I discuss in depth the games we loved to play, what we were so interested in that led us to get into gaming in general, and perhaps most importantly, how we got there.

An extract:

It couldn’t have been more than a week later when I got a call, and with the tone of someone suddenly aware that what “never happens” is actually happening to him, Rohan says “So, that game we were talking about…I think I get to make it”.

For as long as I’ve known Rohan he’s wanted to be a games developer – and he was more surprised than anyone when he and his soon-to-be-creative director-brother, Leigh Harris, found themselves with funding, a distribution partner and a development team bringing their idea to life.

Click here for the full tale over at Indiebits.

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So amongst my many typing duties is a fortnightly column for MMGN, a Melbourne-based community web site.

This fortnight, I decided, given the exciting news on the Flat Earth front, to do up an article with the best advice I know how to give to people who are looking to cross the divide between being a fan of games and being a creator of games.

There’s nothing too specific in there about what to expect, but more of a do’s and dont’s guide.

Anyone who fits that bill can check it out here.