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One of my primary tasks in the meaty, actual-developmenty bit of our game has been implementing the parameters of the in-game objects. What variant are they? If they’re plants, what colour are they? How often do they grow / move / bear seeds etc?

Our game being fun relies upon two main elements: the drive to create and the drive to explore. Given that we’re operation on a 2D plane, I had to create a world which felt fun to explore in without having the ability to impart actually distinct regions through cool architecture.

The types of parameters I’ve been implementing include creating ‘spawners’, wherein I create an invisible point in the game world which the engine will use as a central location from which to create a patch of objects of a certain type. In this way I can create clumps of rocks and patches of grass, right the way through to full forests, each based on algorithms which tell the game to produce a certain number of a certain type of tree, in a certain colour, and to have the density reach a certain point in some areas but not others.

When I first started playing with these settings to create a game world, randomness didn’t look natural. It looked entirely too computer random rather than natural random.

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