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Well, it’s Christmas/Solstice/Festivus/etc, and I don’t mind admitting I’ve had a few convivial beverages, so it’s time to talk about the editing tools we’ve developed for Township.

Picture, if you will, a perfect game development world. One in which tools are enormous, powerful, database-driven, and quickly export everything from an advanced GUI into the game data required to procedurally generate an isometric world. Are you imagining that? Great.

Well, we don’t have one of those. In fact we’ve been so busy making the game engine that trying to make any tools to edit the dozen odd XML files that drive our game wasn’t much of an option. At least, not making a serious GUI editor.

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I’ve often been accused of over-thinking things. So often, in fact, that I’m starting to think people are over-saying it.

One of the things I’ve had a tendency to over-think is the meaning behind the inclusion or exclusion of certain things from media. Studying and working in communications and media for as long as I have, I can’t help but see everything as the ebb and flow of value systems and worldviews, whether the communicators are conscious of it or not.

In major news media, the specific wording used to describe an event can be to draw in hits, to indicate its seriousness, or to frame the nature of the event so people know how much derision or praise to heap upon the inevitable protagonists and antagonists of the piece. On Twitter or in everyday conversation the simple use of the word ‘they’ as opposed to ‘he’ to describe a hypothetical person doesn’t escape my notice, and indicates a tendency not to have a default masculine view of the world – it sends a very clear message, whether you use ‘he’, ‘she’ or ‘they’ in such an instance.

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More work is being done on Township than ever before. While we are all still part time, there are now 10 of us contributing to the game as it nears alpha stage.

The buildings now work, we’re prepping for our first draft of an in-game economy (fun!) and we’re in that delightful phase of game development somewhere in between the accursed engine-building part and the diligent bug-testing bit.

In short, we’ve been so busy that we’ve nary had a moment to updateth the siteth.

It’s also time to introduce to our friends and followers our current full lineup of productive folks working on the game, as we with great pride announce the addition of three interns to our ranks for the closing few months of development.

We are now:

Lead Programmer: Rohan Harris

Lead Designer: Leigh Harris

Character Artist: Justine Colla

Environmental Artist: Corey Attard

Animator: Joshua Wright

Musician: Eliot Fish

Contributing Programmer: Damien Lee

Graphic Design Intern: Jessica Graham

PR & Marketing Intern: Narkisska Spruce

Programming Intern: Scott Greenup


So if anyone out there in internetland knows any of these fine folks, we’re incredibly excited to be working with all of them and wish for you to heap praise upon them in advance for a job well done!

Home stretch for the game is within sight. Now we start the phase where we realise how much is broken and figure out how badly it’ll be delayed. It’s science! I don’t make the rules!