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Creating our in-game economy has been an interesting experience. I’ve finished penning a second draft of it, and it’s still not quite adding up right. The cake is the most valuable item in the game, while a table is more valuable than a finely crafted sword.

IMG_0352Mark III will have to somewhat reverse this trend.

What I’ve been doing is creating algorithms for calculating the market value of each item. I’ve started by giving each raw resource (there are approximately 20) a core value so that I can give values to all subsequent parts those resources can create. For example, a wooden log is worth 8, but can be broken into two wooden planks, which are worth 4 apiece.

Then there’s the complexity of the crafting of each item which adds a multiplier. The more complicated the crafting table used to create the item, the larger the multiplier.

The wooden planks would attract a multiplier of 1.5 for being an item you can craft on the most basic table: the woodworking table. If, however, you’ve created an iron stove and cook a soup using ingredients you’ve farmed yourself and had to grow and protect manually, it’ll attract a 5 times multiplier.

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So for the last day or so I’ve had my face buried in pages and pages of numbers working out our economic system. It has that all too familiar feeling which makes me feel like I’m ever so slightly wasting my time. But it’s very much my own fault, and the fault of the ambition of our project in general (which, I feel EVERYONE involved is starting to realise now that we’re nearing the game’s end).

Temp art here - we're not oozing grey

Temp art here – we’re not oozing grey

You see, our game involves a mechanic whereby you craft items, build buildings, hire NPCs, trade, sell and more.

Where this becomes a problem is that if I find out that the way I’m currently having people craft an axe is no longer relevant or doesn’t make sense and decide to change it – a LOT has to change with that.

For starters it often happens that some other item in the game has its crafting recipe infringed upon by the change and I need to find another way to make that work.

Then there’s the value of objects, which changes based on how complex the item is, what prerequisite things were needed to create it from a technological standpoint, and of course what components the item is made out of.

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Yes, Ladies, Gentlemen and anyone who doesn’t define themselves along such lines, it’s time for our much adored (we hope) GENERAL UPDATE!

The pace of change on Township is now becoming so rapid that we’re barely able to keep up ourselves. We’re finalising a list of sound effects today (now that we’re so close to feature locked), have got all manner of previously superfluous tidbits working and are now ready for another round of brutal playtesting!

We’re moments away from pushing out a new build to our debug iPads to start figuring out precisely how rooted our in-game economy is. Each and every morsel of food and plank of wood has its own values, appreciation and depreciation rates, each merchant NPC is configured to be able to spend and sell only so much of particular items, and we’ve a whole bunch of scenarios in there ready to go.

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