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By @ 06/28/13 in news

Mr Joab Gilroy came out to the Flat Earth sharehouse the other week to check out TownCraft first hand.

Since both Rohan and myself have written for GameArena, we all agreed that it wouldn’t really be fair of the site to review the game, so Joab has instead written up a bit of our story and his first impressions of the game.

So anyone who wants to know a little more, check it out here.

PS: YAy! Ferst cuvverage!

By @ 06/20/13 in experiences

So Yawen Song showed up to the Aurora hotel for the last IGDA Beer and Pixels night, where he interviewed a bunch of people and got to know a whole heap of indie game developers from the Sydney scene.

He later came out an interviewed us at the studio in Ultimo, and has put together a great little 12 minute documentary on YouTube which includes Paul Sztajer from See Through Studios, Dan Graf from Halfbrick and Rebecca Fernandez from the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, amongst others.

It’s a cool little movie which does give you a good impression of what the Sydney teams are doing and why they do the things they do.

Check it out if you’re interested in indie game development at all…

By @ 06/06/13 in articles

It’s been a while, but I wanted to share with everyone the joyous experience of slowly watching our world come to life.

IMG_0075We’ve been tweaking and fixing many a thing as we approach launch at breakneck speed (we’re thinking around July right now), but the things which have changed the game the most significantly have ended up being the most humble.

All the trees which you can see in each screenshot blow gently in the breeze – a ten minute job to get the functionality going and about another 20-30 minute job to assign the appropriate wind-resistance to various objects – the result is that it’s just mesmerising to stare at the game world for a decent period of time. The leaves, reeds, trees and shrubs gently blow back and forth while our ambient breeze noise picks up and dies periodically in the background. Can’t be happier with the way that’s turned out.

Meanwhile, now that all our peasants are working properly, we’ve recently given them things to say. It’s truly remarkable just how much character is suddenly added to the world when the peasants stop being automatons who you can hire to be farmers, crafters, fishers, miners etc and suddenly have thoughts which relate to the state and size of your town.

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