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It’s been a long two years. No really, it’s been much longer than it needed to be. As I’ve said before I came onto the Towncraft project in September of 2011 while I was still studying at AIE. At that time it was under the assumption I would be doing ALL of the artwork (and thanks to the talented boys: Corey, Josh and Matt for sharing the load).

After my first meeting with Rohan and Leigh I was pretty fired up to work on the project but it was really hard to make art for Towncraft consistently with out conflicting schedules. Occasionally there would be a big push for a deadline but most of the time it was just dead. This went on for some time and it wasn’t until mid-year 2012 that development became steady and consistent.

The point is that when a lot of people work on one project in their spare time there doesn’t seem to be light at the end of the tunnel. So, today I want to share with you all some old artwork on behalf of the artists here at Flat Earth to celebrate how far we’ve come.

For everyone playing the game, we hope you have enjoyed it so far and will continue to as the game gets more fun and as we as artists improve. Thanks for all your feedback and support thus far.

Proportion sketches for characters (the no body one was a little out there).

Very early Miner proportions.

The old eyes. So big!!

nobels-conceptNPC concepts that never made the game.

merchconceptsFailing to find a concept we liked for our third PC, the Merchant, before he was scrapped.

logo02Early scrapped concept for the logo.

minerOld t-shirt idea.

craftingThumbnailsCrafting Table node positioning.

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We are mad. Completely and totally mad. If I’ve got one take-away from what we’ve done over the last few years and what we’re in the process of releasing now, that’d be it.

Let me explain…

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So much feedback has been pouring in already, and we’ve got an update on the App Store which is fixing a lot of it already!

Which is great news!

What isn’t perhaps so great is that version 1.0.2 also adds some NEW FEATURES that we didn’t intend.

Specifically, we accidentally left the debugger cheat commands on, meaning that you now have a cheat button and buttons to spawn NPCs at will.

This might not SOUND like a bad thing, but not only does it wreck the game by giving you everything, it also has the potential to screw up your save games!!

The easy solution is to not be tempted by this cheat button until 1.0.3 comes out. We’ve pushed it to the App Store this morning, so all should be well very soon.

In happier news, we broke the Top 100 paid apps last night, so people seem to be enjoying the game! And all your feedback so far has been invaluable, so please keep it coming.

A huge thanks to everyone who’s playing and enjoying the game, and we’ve plenty more content for you in the coming weeks. 🙂


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Want to play TownCraft, but don’t have an iPad? Well, we’d like to know what platforms you do want to see it on.

So, to assist us in this we’ve created a mailing list. When you sign up, you can indicate your preferred platform (and more detail, if you’d like) so we can gauge interest.

Once you’re on our mailing list, you’ll also find out when major TownCraft updates are released, or any other big news. We won’t spam you, though – promise! Only big news will be sent to you, and only on the platforms you select.

To sign up, follow the link in the menu or just click here.

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Hahaha! Get it? Because there's an actual road in it? Oh, I need coffee...

Hahaha! Get it? Because there’s an actual road in it? Oh, I need coffee…

So, TownCraft is out now in Australia for iPad. If you’re one of the people who’s bought it already, or you’re thinking about buying it either now or when it comes out for your platform/region, this blog post is for you.

TownCraft is a game which contains:

  • 95 different types of objects you can place in the world
  • 210 different resources you can have in your inventory
  • 216 different recipes which can be used to create those resources
  • 33 different subtly distinct types of biome which are used to create each world

What does this mean? Frankly, it means we need your feedback. After months of play-testing (years if you include early alpha versions) there’s still a slight chance we may have missed something. And while we may have been largely inspired by 1990s-style video games, unlike games of the DOS era, we are not washing our hands of it – it is a continually evolving game, and we’ll support it as long as you guys keep playing it and giving us feedback!

Do you like parts of it, but think that turnips are slightly overpriced? Or grow too fast? Finished a scenario in a specific time and want to brag about it? (Our lead tester’s current record is about 2 and a half hours for the first scenario!) Found a bug (either the crawling on your cabbage plantation kind or the digital kind)? Think we should add a certain feature? Let us know! We’ve created an email account just for you – – and we’ll be checking it every day, and we don’t just value your thoughts – we rely on them!

We’ve already submitted an update to the app store with a myriad of small fixes, tweaks and even a few new features to make the tutorial a bit more elegant for first-time players, and you can expect many more after that, including new maps coming very soon.

This is your game now, not just ours. Tell us what you think!

But what about the near future?

Our next steps are game balancing based on feedback, localisation for other languages and regions, iPhone support (Yes, it’ll be a universal app – if you own it on iPad, you’ll already own it on iPhone!), a few new surprises & features – and, of course, working to fix any niggling issues or problems we (and you) have discovered over the last few days.

And the features? Well, here’s a hint: if you’ve managed to plough through the three (huge) scenarios the initial release shipped with, you’re in luck: we’re working right now on challenge scenarios to stump even veterans like our testers!

Games aren’t really ever finished these days, and TownCraft will be no exception. We want to thank you for buying our game (or having an interest in it!) and we promise to keep working on it.

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My brother Rohan and I are currently cramped in our EconoLodge hotel room in Melbourne, and it’s pissing down with rain… you know… because Melbourne.

But that’s not important.

Here’s what’s important:

TownCraft, that little crafting game cum city-builder and our first ever videogame thatwe’ve been working on for… like… two years now… is now available for iPads 2 and up (and iPad Minis) in Australia.

Why just in Australia, you ask? Because we don’t speak enough languages, and we’d consider it rude to launch in other countries without having finished learning their language and translating it. Or maybe we’ll just get other people to do it – folks who’ve already learned said languages perhaps? That does make more sense. And it’ll happen much quicker that way!

It shall happen very very soon, oh people who aren’t living on this sun-burnt island. We promise!

So I submit to you all, humble readers of my words, a request that you share like you’ve never shared before (presumably if you’re on this site it’s because you’ve some kind of notion that our work may be enjoyable).

TownCraft is now on sale here:

Sharing that link will bring you ample Flat Earth Fun-Karma ™!

Thanks to everyone who’s been supportive of us over the last two years. We couldn’t have done it without all of you, and an extra special thanks with dipping sauce on the side to all those on the TownCraft team, who’ve been working tirelessly for months (and in the cases of Justine and Corey, years) to make it happen, and doing it without us having money coming in – your faith in us has meant the world, guys!

Then there’s the many people who stopped by our booth today and who have already bought the game. Thanks to each and every one of you, and just so you know we’re back at the hotel hard at work already on our first update, which will fix any issues you’re having with the game, so please, drop us a note if you want to share your experiences! Now’s the time! 🙂

And of course, coming in last, but with their own full paragraph of thanks is Epiphany Games, without whom we’d never have started this crazy venture.

And finally, for those of you like your youtubes embedded… here is the trailer and micro-documentary… embedded!

Raw Youtube links for those who prefer them:

Launch Trailer:

Making Of Documentary:

And don’t neglect our Facebook page!