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By @ 09/30/13 in news

Well, this is amazing news, but Screen Australia has just confirmed that it’ll be helping out the Australian game development community with $2.6 million worth of investment.

The investment is being split (not evenly) amongst 21 Australian developers. One of which is us!

The help will be used to fund development of that all-important iPhone version, get us started on other future platforms and help us get the game translated into multiple languages!

This couldn’t have happened if all our fans hadn’t demonstrated that there’s an audience for the game out there, so a huge thank you to everyone who has bought the game so far or who has just given us words of support.

Thank you thank you thank you!

Now stop what you’re doing and go check out the other awesome games which have received government support this year.

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ifest_logo_black_backThe lovely folks at iFest have invited us back to speak this weekend, looking back over our first game and discussing the highs and lows, the ins and outs of the whole process. From concept, to production, to marketing, to the very necessary bottle of whiskey we allowed ourselves at the end of it all.

Would you care to come along and join us? We’ll stick around and are happy to chat and say hi, so if you’ve any burning questions about TownCraft (yes, including ‘How do I make X’ questions), register to come along.

It takes place at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment in Sydney (in Ultimo, a walk from Central station).

There’ll be heaps of indie developers there. It’s a great place to meet people in the local industry!

You can register for iFest here.

Oh, and it’s totally FREE!

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CNet Australia has a great write-up of TownCraft up on their home page now, which is definitely worth checking out.

I spoke to Michelle Starr about how the game came about and what we were trying to do, and it certainly seems like the folks at CNet are very on board with our humble vision.

“TownCraft is something quite wonderful, made by gamers to appeal to gamers. It’s deeply engaging, drawing you in with rich gameplay that, rather than frustrating you with difficulty, relaxes and comforts with engrossing complexity.” – CNet

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After months of gruelling gruel-eating, staving off our boundless riches from across the seas, we are finally releasing our baby to the rest of the world.

So, all ¬†you non-Australian and non-New Zealand folk: if you’ve been following our development for a while… sorry we took so long.

We’re only flesh and blood!

And bone.

And cartilage.

And probably some other stuff. Does cartilage count as a kind of bone?

Anyway! Buy our game! You can get it here. And tell your friends! Share it around!