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By @ 12/19/13 in news

While busy tearing apart TownCraft so we can start rebuilding it for iPhones, we also figured it’d be nice and jolly of us to create a new level, so we’ve tried something a little different.

We’ve created The River Wild, a challenge map which gets rid of all merchants entirely. How do you make money, you ask? Well, by completing quests and selling things from shops and taverns.

It’s actually going to form the groundwork for a new type of map which will form not the next one, but the one after – one where tasks are mandatory in your quest to create a functioning society. But all shall be revealed later.

In the mean time, tell your friends because in the week leading up to Christmas (and in the week after), we’re dropping the price on TownCraft from $5.49 to $2.99.

So happily holidays, all, and we’ll be sure to keep ploughing forward with more updates and maps to come now and on into the new year!

By @ 12/05/13 in news

It hadn’t really occurred to us to get all excited about Game of the Year stuff, but as it turns out we’ve been nominated for Australian-made Game of the Year on both Kotaku and IGN.

Colour (note spelling) us pretty blown away to be on the list, considering how many great games came out of Australia and New Zealand this year!

So to anyone interested, you can vote for us on Kotaku here and on IGN here.

In other news, Digitally Downloaded, who gave TownCraft a great review earlier in the year, listed TownCraft as 1 of 3 runners up for their Aussie-made Game of the Year as well.

PS: That new river level we keep teasing is just around the corner! We promise!

By @ 12/03/13 in news

If there’s one thing it’s easy to do when you’re in the creative phase of game development, it’s bite off more than you can chew. Coming up with brilliant ideas isn’t the hard part – it’s being able to follow through and actually create them.

TC River ScreenSo as Rohan and I were working through creating the latest update for TownCraft, we started with it being something which was going to fix a bunch of small problems which had been bugging us for a while.

Well, that small list of problems got larger and larger as we became increasingly fastidious, wanting to tidy up anything and everything we didn’t like or that had been bothering us for a few updates now.

So here’s why there hasn’t been an update to TownCraft in a month or so.

In the next update, you’ll be getting more tiny changes and fixes than you can imagine, a new format for hints and a new loading screen, several new resources to craft, a new type of natural resource to harvest from, a new level with its own new mechanic and something like 20 new quests.

Bottom line is we’ve still got lots we want to do with TownCraft and as long as it’s still selling and people are still playing it, we’ll keep the updates rolling.

PS: Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word on our first ever sale. We took the game down to $1 over the weekend for the Black Friday sale and saw heaps new people jump onboard! Keep that feedback coming in, people! We rely on it for all our updates!