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By @ 02/14/14 in news

Just a quick note to let you all know that anyone who’s been experiencing crashes with the Desert Island update can grab the latest update which had just dropped and all their problems will be solved!

No more dropping your phone, no more being slightly hungry even though you just ate lunch and most importantly no more tiny pieces of food found theĀ instant you’ve finished brushing your teeth!

By @ 02/10/14 in news

A fair few of you have been reporting that the game has been crashing since the last update, but it’s been happening at various different times. For some of you, it’s been a few seconds, for some of you it’s been a few minutes.

We’ve figured out what the problem is with the help of everyone who’s mailed in (thanks so much!) – it’s the sundial.

Whenever you have a sundial on you and the day passes midnight, the game will crash.

So for those of you who have the time after you load game to go and sell it or drop it in your town stockpile or something, that should fix it. For those who don’t, we’re submitting an update which will fix the problem. Hopefully it won’t take too long to go live!

So bottom line – HELP IS ON THE WAY!

Massive thanks to Lisa, Natasha, Richard, Elita, Meg, Phoebe and Anthony for emailing us with details of the crashes!

By @ 02/06/14 in news

So this is probably the most different map we’ve created thus far for TownCraft; it puts you on a desert island with palm trees, coconuts and more, and tasks you with building a bridge to other nearby islands for further resources, including very basic stuff like coal and iron.

The biggest challenge of this map is easily the lack of usable farmland. The majority of your island is sand, and you’re given only a small patch of green on which to grow all your crops. What’s even tougher is that the crops canĀ only be acquired by completing quests – no merchants have any to sell.

I think my favourite thing about the map is playing with coconuts – they’re a resource you can harvest like any other but instead of growing like a crop they work like trees. Did also have fun coming up with the items you can create using coconuts. They’re a surprisingly versatile fruit (are they a fruit?)!

Anyway, there’s also the usual host of bug fixes, prettier UI stuff and of course a helping of tweaks as suggested by our fans’ feedback, so please do keep on writing in and we’ll keep on making TownCraft better!