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By @ 07/19/14 in news

We released TownCraft one year ago today at PAX Australia, back when it was a humble little game of only three levels for iPad only.

To celebrate, we’re dropping the price for a VERY limited time.

As you may know, we don’t tend to do sales very often, so tell your friends, spread the word, run home Charlie, run home and tell your parents!

Hmm… maybe we should add a Golden Ticket as a craftable item… *scribbles down notes*

By @ 07/11/14 in news

Back at the beginning of June, we announced our second game: Metrocide. It’s a top-down, stealth-action game set in a cyberpunk dystopia where you play as contract killer, T.J. Trench.

Check out the trailer, join the mailing list (because Facebook is a jerk and makes us pay money to send updates to those who’ve liked our page now) and jump onto YouTube to sound off in the comments letting us know what you think!

By @ 07/10/14 in news

TownCraft Wiki ImageThere are many ways to craft in TownCraft¬†– well there’s one – you craft stuff. But what to craft? THAT is the question!

We’ve previously had a wiki for TownCraft over at Wikia, but the lovely folks at Curse have just decided to take on hosting duties and write up a new, shinier Wiki over on their site.

So, stuck on basics? Have hints or tips to share with others? Desperately want to know how to make flower beds?

You can check out the announcement on here, or go directly to the Wiki and start editing away here.


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AVCon-Internode-logo-final-white-logoAVCon has finally revealed the full list of games which will be on show weekend after next at its Indie Games Room, and Metrocide is on the list!

This will be the only show anywhere in the world where we’ll be showcasing Metrocide before release, so spread the word, tell your friends, buy them something nice (they deserve it) and come down to AVCon in Adelaide on the 19th and 20th of July to play the game and have the opportunity to yell at me¬†in person for that annoying recipe in TownCraft you found too hard to figure out.

There’ll be a special present for whoever can get the highest score of the weekend, too. It’s a money-can’t-buy prize (which is a term which roughly translated into human language means ‘I am a massive douchebag who speaks in marketing lingo’) which we’ll reveal only to the winner…