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Hey all!

It came down to the wire, but we’ve decided that although we’re technically and artistically happy with the game for mid-October, that extreme difficulty just might need a touch more hammering down. So we’re going with Early Access for our mid-October launch.

This means that while we need a few extra weeks (we’re aiming for late November) to make it one hundred percent final, we’re still happy to unleash it to the public on time.

It’ll also happen to be almost 50% off the final launch price, so get in while it’s freshly-baked to help us make sure it’s not TOOOOOOOOOOoooooo hard and save some sweet De Niros.

Also, WE HAVE A NEW VIDEO! Check out the video walkthrough of the core gameplay mechanics with cretors Rohan and Leigh Harris explaining the myriad ways to die in the unforgiving trenches (geddit?) of Metrocide.


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M6In yet more Aussie convention-related news, we can now confirm that we’ll also be at EB EXPO this year in the home-grown gaming section (just near the community and store section).

Metrocide will be in attendance of course, playable in its all-but-finished state and on the cusp of release. Its somewhat distant cousin TownCraft (I say that because of the entirely unrelated styles and games that they each are) will be there as well, so we’ll have somewhere to direct the curious eyeballs of young kids which is more than a ‘nope, not today’ response. Here’s hoping that’ll stave off too many fits of angst from those who aren’t ready for the chaos and mayhem, but who knows.

Regardless, the show is on from 3rd-5th October at the Sydney Showgrounds, Sydney Olympic Park.

Our two founders, Rohan and Leigh Harris, will be on the booth, as will Danii ‘Facelips’ Johnstone, who’s been a voice actor for both games and is composing all the music for Metrocide.

We look forward to seeing you there if you’re planning on going, and if you’ve yet to grab tickets, they’re available here. (Or if it’s Metrocide you’re wanting to go for, it’ll be out a fortnight or so later, so it’s not far off).

Happy hunting, everyone! Keep those EMP bombs handy!

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So here’s a thing which grew out of a ‘wouldn’t it be cool if…’ moment: Flat Earth has put together a panel at PAX Australia wherein we and a bunch of other devs will take to the stage to design a game and release whatever we come up with for anyone to build upon, develop or tear-to-pieces and scrutinise. You know, depending on what mood you’re in.

Be sure to look for the ‘How to Design a Videogame From Scratch LIVE’ panel. Get there early to see it all unfold at 7.30pm on Saturday 1st November in the Dropbear Theatre.

Also, how cool is it that there’s a freaking Dropbear Theatre?!?

Our panelists include:

John Nesky (feel engineer for thatgamecompany)
Ashley Zeldin (Adorkable Games)
Ron Gilbert (Seriously? If you don’t know, I’m not going to tell you)
Morgan Lean (Director of Majestic Nights, CEO of Epiphany Games)
…and of course, Rohan and Leigh from little ol’ Flat Earth Games.

Hope to see you there! Let’s make a mess!

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Flat Earth has been busy toiling away on Metrocide for quite a while now, and we’re none-too-chuffed (look it up) to announce that the game will be available in mid-October for PC and Mac via Steam and various other DRM-free digital stores!

Also, we’re happy to announce that we’ll be at PAX Australia, that lovely expo where we launched our first game back in 2013! It’s good to be back.

Come say hi at booth #2708!

Additionally, Metro City has had quite a makeover in the last few months, with all new lighting effects and, by popular demand, a metric s@#t-tonne of neon lights! Here’s a sneak peek:


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TC River ScreenSo big news from Apple today.

We’re already hard at work testing every single feature of TownCraft on iOS 8. So far it’s all looking like it works a treat, but when it drops, if anyone does find any issues, give us a shout and we’ll jump on it.

Also, it should run fine on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and we’ll be getting our hands on both at launch to get an update ready so that it supports the new resolutions natively.

And again, if anyone picks up a new iPhone and finds any issues, get in touch and we’ll get them fixed!