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Well, we’re finally here! After much toiling the upsettingly difficult Metrocide, our second game, is finally available on Steam, Humble Store and other digital stores under Early Access.

To celebrate, we’ve got a second Video walkthrough available now on YouTube, which showcases Hilldale, the final zone in the game (and yes, it’s named in honour of Back to the Future Part 2), and has some of the most complicated kills in the game! Watch as Rohan and Leigh fail to pull of kill after kill without raising hell, and demonstrate exactly how not to avoid getting shot in the back of the head with a silenced shotgun!

To celebrate, we commissioned a local Sydney artist named Max Gregory to do up a piece inspired by Metrocide, and he’s done up this abstract geometric piece which you can download as a wallpaper! (Drop us a line if you’d like to contact him)


(You’re paying less than half the final asking price if you jump in on Early Access)

Why Early Access?

From the very beginning, we decided we wanted Metrocide to be hard. Every time we’ve finished the game, we’ve made it harder and tried again. Cops, security cameras, gang members and vigilantes mix with permadeath to make sure that no matter how armed to the teeth you might be, one wrong move and you’re back at square one (although you will keep all the unlocks).

We’re happy with the game from a technical perspective, but before we get to version 1.0 we had to ask ourselves whether we were content with putting the game out there when we had yet to answer the million dollar question: how hard is too hard?

So the short time we intend to be in Early Access will be centred around balancing the game (the last third or so in particular), to make sure that it’s as punishing as we intend it to be, but also that it’s punishing in the right way.

How long will this game be in Early Access?

Only very briefly. We’re aiming for six weeks in Early Access and a late November / early December release date.

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

The Early Access version will contain the ‘normal’ game mode and the ‘score attack’ game mode for each of the three zones.

While the final version will have a more balanced difficulty, it will also ship with additional game modes for each level which, yes, make it harder again.

These will include ‘One Chance’ mode (wherein any death sends you right back to the beginning of Zone 1 – normally it’d be a restart in whatever zone you were playing in), ‘Blaster Only’ mode where you need to try and complete the game sporting the world’s worst pistol and no powerups of any kind are available, and Dead Man Walking mode, which is akin to the Survival mode from the original Driver game – everyone is trying to kill you and you’ve got to get as many kills before your inevitable death as humanly possible.

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

The Early Access version has all the bells and whistles of the final version without those bonus game modes. All the weapons, tools and mission variants are present – you’re getting the core gameplay experience.

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

Yes. Our planned price for the final version is USD$12.99. For Early Access, we’ll be asking USD$5.99.

It’s a new IP from a (relatively) unknown studio – so anyone taking a chance on us should be rewarded.

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

We’re after a combination of anecdotal feedback on the difficulty and on seeing just how far people get. One thing we’ve learned from our various playtesting sessions at public events has been that some people pick the game up very quickly and very naturally. Others struggle with this sort of game to the extent that finishing it may be next to impossible for them.

The idea is to embellish upon the current difficulty level (which we’re aiming at being the ‘normal’ difficulty setting in the game), and branching it both upwards and downwards to make easy and hard modes (the latter of which you must unlock by completing the game on normal.

We’ll be in the forums very actively eagerly awaiting feedback and watching the numbers come in. We want to make sure there’s a difficulty setting which is right for you, no matter what kind of player you are!

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With just two (2) days to go until Metrocide is available on Early Access under Steam, Humble and other digital stores, videos are starting to pour out all over YouTube.

So if you’re keen to see people who aren’t the creators of the game having a stab at slaughtering their way through Metro City for a change, check out the below links, or check out the recent preview over on!

Ziggy D has a first playthrough of Metrocide as well as other Aussie indies Super Mega Mega and Black Annex (which we also wholeheartedly recommend you check out) from the recent EB Expo here in Sydney:

Meanwhile, Tone Deaf (aka Ryan) works his way through the city in a Let’s Play wherein he discovers the merits of a big shotgun and a dark alleyway:


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Trench closupT.J. Trench will be rampaging through the streets of Metro City one week from today. Become the contract killer and tread over corpse after corpse (pictured) to buy your way out of hell and into freedom.

Metrocide Early Access will be less than half the price of the full version, which is due out later this year. It will feature the normal story mode and Score Attack mode for all three of the zones in Metro City. We will be adding the additional game modes (which are variants on the usual play style and are designed as extras for those good enough to actually complete the core game) in a drip-feed manner between now and launch.

Why Early Access?

The game is hard. Very hard, in fact, and we’re keen to ensure that the hardest difficulty setting is every bit as punishing as we intend it to be, but that easy mode, while still a real challenge, isn’t so difficult as to make the game impossible for noobs.

All the tools, toys and guns we want for the final game, all the levels and all the mission variants will be in there.

You’ll be able to get it on Early Access via Steam (of course), but we’ve also signed with indie label Surprise Attack to help bring Metrocide to as many other digital stores as we can manage. So you can also find us available for Early Access on Humble Store, Amazon, GamersGate, GreenmanGaming, but that’s just the beginning!

Stay tuned and check your six…

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This is a developer blog by Rohan originally posted on Gamasutra, titled “METROCIDE, or, How I Rolled My Own Cyberpunk Dystopia“.

In early April, a collection of us at Flat Earth Games, fresh off a family-friendly crafting/city-building game, decided to kill a lot of people. Virtually, of course. I suppose partly it was a reflex reaction from a year or more of making a game where it was literally impossible to die. But it was also prompted by the question of “what kind of Cyberpunk game would we want to play?”

See, it was a game jam. A ten day one – the 2014 Cyberpunk game jam. And to us, used to 48-72 hour jams, 10 days felt like a life-time. So why not really go to town? We could surely do an action game in that time. What if we did a full-on cyberpunk action game where you played as a contract killer? We were thinking a real-time, action version of the kind of game we imagined we were playing with the 1994 Genesis “Shadowrun” game.

Of course, that’s insane – but slightly less so if you cut down your scope a great deal. So it’d be totally top-down, pixel-art, and permadeath. The art could be turned out by all of us, I could build the city out of tiles so a map editor would be easy to create, and by focusing on a death-at-every-turn permadeath style, we’d limit the need for save formats AND give a nice, bleak feel to the gameplay.

An early screenshot from Metrocide's pure-2D days.

An early screenshot from Metrocide’s pure-2D days.

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