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By @ 02/26/15 in news

It’s taken a while, but TownCraft is now available on PC! No, I swear! No, it’s not Early Access… full release and everything!

Here’s proof. Share the trailer around, let your friends and family know you won’t be seeing them for a while, and give the dog some extra food for the next few days. ­čÖé


By @ 02/21/15 in news

So with TownCraft releasing on PC and Steam next Thursday, we though it’d be fun to do a Screenshot Saturday post, but capture it in the highest possible resolution!

I give you the largest TownCraft screenshot ever taken… (click to enlarge)

TownCraft High Res Screenshot Shrunk

FUN FACT: We actually had to manually shrink it to 60 per cent of its size in order for the upload to work.

By @ 02/19/15 in news

TownCraft PC SnippetWith a very special thanks to those of you who have been helping us out with the beta (hint for n00bs: beta keys which are still valid once the game hits version 1.0 were given out to those interested who had subscribed to the Flat Earth Mailing List), TownCraft on PC is almost ready, and will be available just ONE WEEK from today on Steam, Humble Store, Greenman Games, Gamers Gate and many more digital retailers.

At the same time as the PC/Steam launch, we’ll be updating all existing versions of the game with the final challenge map. Entitled ‘The Kitchen Sink’, it’ll throw in everything but! (badum-tish!) So expect all the quirks and kinks from each of the previous challenge maps to all make an appearance.

It’s the ‘Eden Valley’ (the first story map) of challenge maps – heaps of resources and a variety of terrain.┬áThis will be the only map where you can do all your favourite things in one handy area: pan for gold, make coconut apparel, fish in swamps, craft scary pike-o-lanterns and anything else from TownCraft that you’d care to name!

Thanks to all our fans for waiting so patiently for the Steam release to come! And stay tuned, as we’re already hard at work on our third game, and have been for some time…