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FullSizeRender-3For the uninitiated, GX (formerly known as GaymerX) is the first expo focused on celebrating LGBTQ+ and diverse gamers, and is coming to Australia for the first time!

We at Flat Earth Games care about diversity in gaming, and in all walks of life. A lot. So we’re only too happy to get behind GX, and wholeheartedly encourage everyone to help them out by spreading the word or backing the Kickstarter! We’ve jumped on ourselves as an Indie GameDev Sponsor, so expect to see the team in the indie area, and please stop by and say hi if you’d like to have a chat!

We’ll be at the show with Objects in Space and the awesome physical hardware you may have seen around the traps. So spread the word, share the love and help us help the fantastic organisers behind GX to make the event as awesome as it can be.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

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Indie Game Mag Still ObjectsObjects in Space has once again graced the pages of Indie Game Magazine in its third and final time in the mag’s ‘Engine Room’ section, wherein they delve into the development process and chart the course of a game still being made.

I heartily encourage everyone to grab this awesome little magazine this (and every) month, and you can also check out earlier issues for more background on how Objects in Space is put together. A hearty thanks to Indie Game Magazine for including us in their coverage throughout 2015.

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‘…a game that got space right.’

Yet more coverage is emerging from PAX Australia, this time in the form of a video interview with CNet Australia. Check the link to see Leigh and Jennifer Scheurle (concept artist / physical hardware builder) be interviewed by Nic Healey about the process of getting the game to work with physical gear, and the reasons why we took the submarine route for the combat.

See the video via the Objects in Space web site here and be sure to sound off on the forums!

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We’ve been incredibly busy with PAX Australia for the last month or so, and it’s great to see our hard work pay off. IGN AU stopped by the booth and filmed a video interview interview between Leigh and Luke Reilly.

Check it out on the Objects in Space site!

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IMG_1583It’s been a busy few weeks for us. On top of building working physical controllers for Objects in Space and cutting the first video walkthrough, we’ve also been doing a little follow-up to Super Death Fortress.

Super UNDEAD Fortress sees you taking on wave after wave of Cthulhian nightmares, and switches out the MIRVs, dynamites and bombers of Super Death Fortress with double-barrelled shotguns and hurlable chainsaws! Add to that the ability to upgrade your forts as you see fit and this is a helluva gruesome package.

It’s gonna get real messy.

It’s free to play on iOS now.