Have your game pitch critiqued by Flat Earth!

By @ 05/18/15 in news

Leigh Panel 2Got a game idea? A design document? A short pitch document?

Want to know if you’re pitching it well?

Try pitching it to us and we’ll help you refine it.

This Sunday at 10am, Leigh will be on a panel at Game On (part of the Vivid Festival in Sydney) at the Australian Technology Park to do just that! The panel is all about helping you figure out how best to pitch your game, regardless of the idea.

So if you want to know if your game idea is sticky, grab a ticket to Game On and email your game pitch to Leigh and show up at 10am on Sunday to have the panel talk about how you could best present your idea to the world.

Perfect for budding developers who want to know best how to describe their vision to other people – a key component in getting that first bit of attention from press, other developers or whoever might need to care about your game idea!

See you there, and do check out the full speaker program
for a full list of all the awesome talks and panels which are happening this weekend!


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