Announcing Objects in Space, our new game coming early 2016

By @ 07/01/15 in news

Objects_LogoObjects in Space is a modempunk stealth space trading game set in a distant cluster of star systems called Apollo. You’ll manage your own ship from top-to-bottom – customise every feature and function as you try and stay alive in one of the most dangerous places in the universe.

BridgeUnlike most space trading games, where combat is represented much like World War II dogfighting, Objects in Space presents space combat as though the ships were Cold War submarines. You’ll be trying to stay silent while tracking enemies which are millions of kilometres away, poring over scanning arrays in the hopes that you get a lock on them without them finding you first.

Want the lowdown? It’s a big game, so it takes some serious explaining. Here are your three options:

1) Jump on to the all new Objects in Space web site which just launched today and check out the full backstory, details on the combat and engineering and much more.
2) Check out the latest issue of Indie Game Magazine online, which has a four page feature on the game!
3) Do 1) and then 2)

Happy hunting, and stay safe out there. Those asteroids are killers!



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