Happy birthday TownCraft! 50% off until Sunday!

By @ 07/16/15 in news


TownCraft will be two years old on Sunday! That’s two years since version 1.0 was released on iPad at the very first PAX Australia in 2013. Two years since Flat Earth Games launched its first videogame.

Starting now on iOS and very soon on Steam, TownCraft will be 50% or more off until the end of its birthday.

If you know TownCraft, you’ll know we don’t put it on sale often. So tell your friends, spread the word, share it around and grab our new game Super Death Fortress (it’s free) while you’re at it!

A huge thanks to all our fans – everyone who’s ever bought one of our games. It still blows us away each and every day that you enjoy what we’ve made. 🙂

– The Flat Earth Games Team


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