Objects in Space is the ‘Game with the Most Deceptively Simple Name’!

By @ 07/24/15 in news

IMG_1269It’s official! In what has been described by the award-giver himself as ‘ultimately meaningless’, Objects in Space was given the Games.on.net award for being the ‘Game with the Most Deceptively Simple Name‘ at AVCon this year.

Actually, the journalist James O’Connor just wanted to give a shoutout to five games from the show and chose to give them each hilariously personalised award names. I think my personal favourite was ‘Game Most Likely to Pair Well with a Sixpack‘ (which went to Dungeon League).

So if you want to see a little press coverage of AVCon’s Indie Games Room, hit up the article and read a little about the first ever hands-on press coverage we’ve received for Objects in Space, as well as several other awesome Australian indie games!


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