You too can have mad dark circles under your eyes!

By @ 07/29/15 in news

Leigh IGEA DA16 ReportRecently, the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association launched is annual Digital Australia report, the most in-depth statistics about game consumption in Australia. They saw fit to ask our co-founder Leigh Harris about the current state of development.

So, want to get into game development in Australia? Want to know what it’s like for current devs?

Check out the video second from the bottom for Leigh and two other devs (including fellow Sydney developers Nnooo) discuss where Aussie development is, where it’s heading and what the biggest challenges are.

Also check out the other videos while you’re there! There’s vox pops from people studying game demographics, using games for health and education and just some cool examples of how people in Australia play games.

Check out the full Digital Australia report here. It’s fascinating and energising to read about the people who play the games we make.


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