Objects in Space playable at PAX Australia!

By @ 10/10/15 in artblog, news

Happy Saturday, folks! This is just a quick announcement that if you’re going to be at PAX Australia this year (and let’s face it, who in this part of the world isn’t?), then be sure to check out the PAX Rising indie pavilion for some hands-on time with Objects in Space.

AirlockIt’s still very early days yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t let people feel what it’s like to navigate the star systems of Apollo.

To celebrate this news, we’ve updated the Objects in Space web site with a new gallery of screenshots (mainly of the Ceres class starship), and have  a dev blog post from our lead artist Mathew Purchase about the transition from 2D to 3D and what that meant for the development cycle.

Check it all out and if you’re keen for more spacefaring submarine-influenced intrigue and excitement, then we’ll see you at PAX Australia!

Sincerely, the Flat Earth Games team…


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