Flat Earth takes part in Aussie developer roundtable

By @ 10/20/15 in articles

Digitally Downloaded HeadlineDigitally Downloaded, a local games web site, ran a roundtable feature article today which asked a series of questions of a list of developers from throughout Australia. The list of devs includes myself, Santana Mishra (Witch Beam), Morgan Jaffit (Defiant Development), Nicole Stark (Disparity Games), Paul Turbett (Black Lab Games), Neil Rennison (Tin Man Games), Ross Symons (Big Ant Studios), Nic Watt (Nnooo) and Trent Kusters (Armello).

Questions cover all sorts of things about the Australian games development industry, so if you want to get a great, multi-voiced 50’000ft overview of what it’s like to make games in Australia, this is the article to check out and share. Every one of these developers has great things to say which are important for anyone trying to make it as a games developer here.

IMG_1645I’ve been quite candid in this interview about battling depression and anxiety, which has hit me particularly hard this year. I suppose I’ve just decided that it’s something I want to be more open about now so that I can be some kind of support both for the students that I teach in my part time job at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment and for other developers, family and friends.

With that in mind, I’ve also agreed to be on a panel at PAX Australia called More Than a Game: Playing for Mental Health and Wellbeing. It’ll take place on the Saturday of PAX (31st October) at 3-4pm at the Wombat Theatre. You can find it on the map (right) or you can come say hi at our booth.. Please do come along, feel free to ask me or the vast panel of excellent speakers on the subject any questions you’d like. Alternatively, anyone who’d like to talk can approach me immediately after the panel. I’ll make a point of sticking around and carrying on the conversation with anyone who’s interested in talking.

Be well, everyone, and I look forward to seeing you all at PAX!


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