Build Your Own Ship with Objects in Space

By @ 10/30/15 in news

Hi everyone! We’re down at PAX Australia showing off a brand new feature of Objects in Space which we’re very excited to announce. You’ll be able to build your own ship consoles and have them interface directly with
the game! To prove it, we build a few of our own and have them on the show floor at PAX.


Using a virtual serial port, you can have Objects in Space trigger buttons, LEDs or switches, allowing you to literally build your very own ship from scratch. If you’re in Melbourne, come check it out for yourself at the PAX show floor!

Meanwhile, to celebrate this feature announcement, we’ve released the first ever footage of the game! Jump on over to the Flat Earth Games YouTube Channel to see a video walkthrough of an encounter between a Ceres light freighter and a pirate in the Magellan system.

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