WATCH: Leigh takes part in the GCAP Game Design Challenge

By @ 12/16/15 in experiences

For those who couldn’t attend Game Connect Asia-Pacific this year, the Game Design Challenge asks a selection of designers to take to the stage and pitch a game idea based on a theme which was revealed one month earlier. This year, Flat Earth’s Leigh Harris took part and came runner up to Luke Muscat (of Fruit Ninja, Jetpack Joyride and Land Sliders fame). It was the first time anyone from Flat Earth had spoken at GCAP.

The theme for the Game Design Challenge this year was ‘Virtual Smell’. Each participant had just 8 minutes to try and pitch a game idea based around the notion of a hypothetical peripheral which could project small particles. The peripheral could be any type, transmit the smells in any way, and be for any platform.

Take a look at what Leigh came up with!


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