Monetizing Synergies for Optimal ROI

By @ 06/20/12 in articles

So yes, that title was sarcastic.

Flat Earth has been at Game Tech for the last day and a bit, and it’s entirely about one thing – monetizing (I’m intentionally using the American spelling here, I feel it’s an American word) digital enterprise. Now, we’ve had some rather heated internal debates surrounding how to effectively make money on our humble little endeavour, looking at models including people paying us money and getting our game, people playing a bit of our game then paying us money for the full game, people playing our game for free with optional ways to pay for a different experience, and other fun models like these.

We’re still a fair way off deciding how this sort of thing will work in our game, but we’ve got one firm principle we’re sticking to above all else: the business model will be added to our already completed game.

What we mean by this is that we want a game which is fun to play in and of itself, not a game where we intentionally frustrate or stagnate the player’s progress until they pay us money. We have no interest in holding players to ransom and implementing a bottleneck in our game where people want to pay for nefarious reasons.

But one thing is very clear, this conference is all about companies of various shapes and sizes trying to figure out how to make money out of games. Everyone is doing digital, even big franchises are looking at ways to extend their brand to mobile, tablets, Facebook and any other place where their fans can be found.

Us? We’re just making damn sure that whatever way we decide will be our final payment model, it will not be something which breaks or alters the gameplay we consider fun.

The fun comes first, business models ought to be built around an existing and internally fun game. The two ought not be developed in tandem.

Perhaps this should be one of those pledges from the ‘We the developers‘ declaration article? Heh.


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