GCAP 2012 or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Playtest

By @ 10/24/12 in news

Well, I’m back from having just hit up Melbourne for a couple of days to check out this year’s GCAP (Game Connect Asia Pacific) conference.

Last year it was one of the driving and most inspiring forces which led to me actually throwing myself into trying to level-up my experience points in videogame-makery.

This year, hearing from Robin Hunicke on creating Journey was absolutely stellar. She described in some detail how utterly not fun the game was until they were almost 80% through (something which, as a huge fan of ThatGameCompany, I was afraid of when first seeing the title).

They outlined the process of iterating on the design by creating, seeking feedback, then recreating, and repeat ad nauseum.

At the same time as this was going on, I was chirpily (yes, I chirp – I’ve been known to chirp on occasion) running around the Exhibition Centre showing an early build of our game to many a person.

We’d road-tested a basic tutorial at the Sydney IGDA meetup the week before, and had since gone back and re-done sections of it based on what we learned.

And now here I sit, procrastinating from going through the reams and reams of self-emails I sent with ‘fix me’ notes and other tidbits which we’ll be using to tweak things along.

My sincerest thanks to anyone who played the game while I was down in Melbourne-town. It taught me a lot and we’ve got much to do.

Oh, and I arrived back to find that one of the major broken parts of the tutorial had been fixed while I was away by Rohan and Corey. Now I’m awash in furniture!

Sounds weirder than it is.


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