Look over there! It’s general update!

By @ 02/11/13 in news

Yes, Ladies, Gentlemen and anyone who doesn’t define themselves along such lines, it’s time for our much adored (we hope) GENERAL UPDATE!

The pace of change on Township is now becoming so rapid that we’re barely able to keep up ourselves. We’re finalising a list of sound effects today (now that we’re so close to feature locked), have got all manner of previously superfluous tidbits working and are now ready for another round of brutal┬áplaytesting!

We’re moments away from pushing out a new build to our debug iPads to start figuring out precisely how rooted our in-game economy is. Each and every morsel of food and plank of wood has its own values, appreciation and depreciation rates, each merchant NPC is configured to be able to spend and sell only so much of particular items, and we’ve a whole bunch of scenarios in there ready to go.

IMG_0347The one big hole in our game at this point is AI. There are just a few more hurdles to cross until we can properly populate a town. In the mean time, however, we’re quite happy to be able to say that you can now viciously slaughter fish, a local bunny rabbit can now viciously slaughter your crops, and you can viciously slaughter the darkness at night time with our very own shiny lighting engine.

So wish us well, dear folks who read this stuff, as we plunge ourselves ever further into the simultaneous elation and despair of crunching to get the game done and then looking listlessly into the distance and slightly off camera at a vivid sunset in order to launch the game in as cinematically wanky a way as possible.

And on that front, dear readers, we shall not fail.



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