Watching our world come alive…

By @ 06/06/13 in articles

It’s been a while, but I wanted to share with everyone the joyous experience of slowly watching our world come to life.

IMG_0075We’ve been tweaking and fixing many a thing as we approach launch at breakneck speed (we’re thinking around July right now), but the things which have changed the game the most significantly have ended up being the most humble.

All the trees which you can see in each screenshot blow gently in the breeze – a ten minute job to get the functionality going and about another 20-30 minute job to assign the appropriate wind-resistance to various objects – the result is that it’s just mesmerising to stare at the game world for a decent period of time. The leaves, reeds, trees and shrubs gently blow back and forth while our ambient breeze noise picks up and dies periodically in the background. Can’t be happier with the way that’s turned out.

Meanwhile, now that all our peasants are working properly, we’ve recently given them things to say. It’s truly remarkable just how much character is suddenly added to the world when the peasants stop being automatons who you can hire to be farmers, crafters, fishers, miners etc and suddenly have thoughts which relate to the state and size of your town.

IMG_0067Of course, they’re still just automatons with a selection of things to choose from when you click on them, but that tiny amount of artificial interaction has changed the way the whole world feels.

When you first load up the game, it feels like one of the most lonely and solitary experiences out there. You’re chopping trees down against a backdrop of very soft and introspective music, all alone in the wilderness.

It makes sense that we really amp up the feeling of having company by the time you actually do.

But it surprised even us just how much it did add. The thing we did immediately afterwards was to implement some of the first voice sound effects. The timing seemed right, and it worked a charm.

Home stretch now – eyes straight ahead.


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