The Road Ahead for TownCraft Players

By @ 07/20/13 in articles
Hahaha! Get it? Because there's an actual road in it? Oh, I need coffee...

Hahaha! Get it? Because there’s an actual road in it? Oh, I need coffee…

So, TownCraft is out now in Australia for iPad. If you’re one of the people who’s bought it already, or you’re thinking about buying it either now or when it comes out for your platform/region, this blog post is for you.

TownCraft is a game which contains:

  • 95 different types of objects you can place in the world
  • 210 different resources you can have in your inventory
  • 216 different recipes which can be used to create those resources
  • 33 different subtly distinct types of biome which are used to create each world

What does this mean? Frankly, it means we need your feedback. After months of play-testing (years if you include early alpha versions) there’s still a slight chance we may have missed something. And while we may have been largely inspired by 1990s-style video games, unlike games of the DOS era, we are not washing our hands of it – it is a continually evolving game, and we’ll support it as long as you guys keep playing it and giving us feedback!

Do you like parts of it, but think that turnips are slightly overpriced? Or grow too fast? Finished a scenario in a specific time and want to brag about it? (Our lead tester’s current record is about 2 and a half hours for the first scenario!) Found a bug (either the crawling on your cabbage plantation kind or the digital kind)? Think we should add a certain feature? Let us know! We’ve created an email account just for you – – and we’ll be checking it every day, and we don’t just value your thoughts – we rely on them!

We’ve already submitted an update to the app store with a myriad of small fixes, tweaks and even a few new features to make the tutorial a bit more elegant for first-time players, and you can expect many more after that, including new maps coming very soon.

This is your game now, not just ours. Tell us what you think!

But what about the near future?

Our next steps are game balancing based on feedback, localisation for other languages and regions, iPhone support (Yes, it’ll be a universal app – if you own it on iPad, you’ll already own it on iPhone!), a few new surprises & features – and, of course, working to fix any niggling issues or problems we (and you) have discovered over the last few days.

And the features? Well, here’s a hint: if you’ve managed to plough through the three (huge) scenarios the initial release shipped with, you’re in luck: we’re working right now on challenge scenarios to stump even veterans like our testers!

Games aren’t really ever finished these days, and TownCraft will be no exception. We want to thank you for buying our game (or having an interest in it!) and we promise to keep working on it.


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