Turn the cheats off before you go to bed.

By @ 07/25/13 in Uncategorized

So much feedback has been pouring in already, and we’ve got an update on the App Store which is fixing a lot of it already!

Which is great news!

What isn’t perhaps so great is that version 1.0.2 also adds some NEW FEATURES that we didn’t intend.

Specifically, we accidentally left the debugger cheat commands on, meaning that you now have a cheat button and buttons to spawn NPCs at will.

This might not SOUND like a bad thing, but not only does it wreck the game by giving you everything, it also has the potential to screw up your save games!!

The easy solution is to not be tempted by this cheat button until 1.0.3 comes out. We’ve pushed it to the App Store this morning, so all should be well very soon.

In happier news, we broke the Top 100 paid apps last night, so people seem to be enjoying the game! And all your feedback so far has been invaluable, so please keep it coming.

A huge thanks to everyone who’s playing and enjoying the game, and we’ve plenty more content for you in the coming weeks. 🙂



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