Brushing Shoulders with Our Past

By @ 07/31/13 in artblog

It’s been a long two years. No really, it’s been much longer than it needed to be. As I’ve said before I came onto the Towncraft project in September of 2011 while I was still studying at AIE. At that time it was under the assumption I would be doing ALL of the artwork (and thanks to the talented boys: Corey, Josh and Matt for sharing the load).

After my first meeting with Rohan and Leigh I was pretty fired up to work on the project but it was really hard to make art for Towncraft consistently with out conflicting schedules. Occasionally there would be a big push for a deadline but most of the time it was just dead. This went on for some time and it wasn’t until mid-year 2012 that development became steady and consistent.

The point is that when a lot of people work on one project in their spare time there doesn’t seem to be light at the end of the tunnel. So, today I want to share with you all some old artwork on behalf of the artists here at Flat Earth to celebrate how far we’ve come.

For everyone playing the game, we hope you have enjoyed it so far and will continue to as the game gets more fun and as we as artists improve. Thanks for all your feedback and support thus far.

Proportion sketches for characters (the no body one was a little out there).

Very early Miner proportions.

The old eyes. So big!!

nobels-conceptNPC concepts that never made the game.

merchconceptsFailing to find a concept we liked for our third PC, the Merchant, before he was scrapped.

logo02Early scrapped concept for the logo.

minerOld t-shirt idea.

craftingThumbnailsCrafting Table node positioning.


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