New map available for TownCraft now!

By @ 08/17/13 in news

A new update has just gone live for TownCraft which fixes a myriad of the problems you have all been reporting (and we thank you heartily for your patience and communication), as well as adding a new map.

The new map is the first in a series of ‘challenge maps’, which task the player with a different unique task in each one. There will be new maps rolled out over the next few weeks – the first is called Swamp Thing, and asks you to create a town with the highest possible town rating, with only 12 days to do it.

The catch?

The map is mostly water! You’ll need to use space wisely and learn how to use bridges if you want to be able to make a thriving town in this water-logged marsh.

Enjoy, everyone, and do keep the feedback and any bugs coming back! We’re working hard to get on top of everything you send in!


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