TownCraft tee shirts are available now!

By @ 08/19/13 in news

Some of you have been asking, so our character artist Justine has just finished the first design for a TownCraft tee shirt.
Or perhaps more accurately, you can now get this design as a tee shirt, kids’ wear, hoodie or as a sticker! YAY!

towncraft shirtWe’ve made it available through Red Bubble. It’s a tad expensive because they print each shirt on demand rather than printing hundreds of them and storing them in a warehouse, but since we’re starving little indies without any money we can’t really do it any other way!

We hope you like him (I think he’s adorable), and we’ll be rolling out the ability to also grab iPhone cases and more very soon!

Thanks again for all your support, everyone, and for the love thus far!

We couldn’t be happier with the response the game is getting!

Here’s the link to the shirt purchasing page!


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