A spooky update appears!

By @ 10/30/13 in news


Well, not that spooky, really, but we did want to make it Halloween themed in honour of, erm, Halloween.

But I’m not going to honour it enough to change the spelling of honour to honor. American holiday or not, I’m from Sydney, gosh-darn-it!

So anyway, we’ve spent quite a while on this update. It adds quite a bit.

The most obvious new thing is pumpkins! They can be added to the usual array of soups, pies and more, but we’ve also added pizza recipes! Not gonna tell you how it’s done of course, but it shouldn’t be too tough a thing to figure out, so have at it!

Meanwhile, you can also craft the pumpkins into Jack-O-Lanterns, which actually work as a light source for your town (and can be chucked on a stick because we thought that was kinda cool.

Let’s see, what else? There’s also a new structure – a sand quarry, which can be placed on any sand tile and is then used to generate unlimited sand, which is basically an alternative to using a bucket on one of the little sand dunes in the game.

Then there’s the new map itself – ‘A Dark Dark Wood’, which is a nod to some old nursery rhyme or scary story or something that I remember listening to a lot as a kid.

The map will mess with you. It’s full of impassable brambles, and has none of the following: iron, coal, water, sand. Tough gig, you might say? Well, yes, to put it bluntly.

So far I’m the only one on the team here who has managed to get a Gold Star on it! If anyone out there can do it, be the first to send me a screenshot and I’ll shoot you a free download code to give to a friend. Umm… and give you a shoutout on Twitter or Facebook or something as well!

Have fun, folks, and keep that feedback coming in! We’re focused on keeping these updates coming while we plug away at the iPhone/iPod version (which is coming along nicely).



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