Game of the Year? For real real? Not for play play?

By @ 12/05/13 in news

It hadn’t really occurred to us to get all excited about Game of the Year stuff, but as it turns out we’ve been nominated for Australian-made Game of the Year on both Kotaku and IGN.

Colour (note spelling) us pretty blown away to be on the list, considering how many great games came out of Australia and New Zealand this year!

So to anyone interested, you can vote for us on Kotaku here and on IGN here.

In other news, Digitally Downloaded, who gave TownCraft a great review earlier in the year, listed TownCraft as 1 of 3 runners up for their Aussie-made Game of the Year as well.

PS: That new river level we keep teasing is just around the corner! We promise!


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