Holiday sale! Plus a whole new level!

By @ 12/19/13 in news

While busy tearing apart TownCraft so we can start rebuilding it for iPhones, we also figured it’d be nice and jolly of us to create a new level, so we’ve tried something a little different.

We’ve created The River Wild, a challenge map which gets rid of all merchants entirely. How do you make money, you ask? Well, by completing quests and selling things from shops and taverns.

It’s actually going to form the groundwork for a new type of map which will form not the next one, but the one after – one where tasks are mandatory in your quest to create a functioning society. But all shall be revealed later.

In the mean time, tell your friends because in the week leading up to Christmas (and in the week after), we’re dropping the price on TownCraft from $5.49 to $2.99.

So happily holidays, all, and we’ll be sure to keep ploughing forward with more updates and maps to come now and on into the new year!


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