The Price of a Game & the Value of a Player

By @ 01/16/14 in articles

People talk about the value of players all the time, but usually in the free-to-play world. There are ‘whales’ which spend utterly stupid amounts of money on your game and buy everything there is to buy through in-app purchases, then there are those who will squeeze every last drop of gameplay out of it without ever succumbing to a single transaction. Thus, players are ranked according to their ‘value’ by how much money they bring in.

We ‘value’ our players in a slightly different way.

Our most valuable players are those who play the game at length, get really deep into it and send us emails, comment on our Facebook page or just otherwise let us know what we’re doing right and wrong.

Once someone’s bought TownCraft, they’ll get any and all updates for free. We’re still constantly working on new features, bug fixes, a smoother user interface and of course new content, but we don’t charge for it – we just want to keep making the game better so that, by the time it comes to other platforms, we can be confident that we’re putting our best foot forward.

As such, while we of course appreciate the extra cash that comes from someone who just compulsively buys apps even if they don’t play them, we’re not really seeing much extra value from gamers who picked up our game when it was 99c for the Black Friday sale and then either played it once or didn’t play it at all.

So with that in mind, Rohan’s written a Gama Sutra blog post about pricing, value and the people who play our game.

Check it out here:


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