Shoutout for beta testers

By @ 03/12/14 in news

Hi everyone!

We’re at a stage now where we’re pretty confident the iPhone version works, so now we need y’all to break it for us and prove us wrong!

We’re looking for beta testers to grab pre-release versions of TownCraft and tell us what’s still broken. We’re a small team here so play as we might, there’s still a lot of ground to cover.

Testers are needed for iPhone (anyone with a 4 or later running iOS 7) and Mac laptop/desktops (anyone with OS X Lion or newer).

What we need from you:

If you’re interested, just drop us an email at telling us you’d like to be part of it.

Also, let us know if you’ve played the game before on iPad. We want people who both have AND haven’t played it on iPad before, so there’s no wrong answer to that question.

Help us make the TownCraft iPhone/Mac launch this April the best it can possibly be!


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