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With an Extraordinary Level of New Content, Gamers Can Now Craft, Build, Explore and More This Autumn  

Sydney, Australia – April 8, 2014 – Flat Earth Games, the Aussie development studio that launched the successful crafting-building-exploration game TownCraft last autumn on iPad, will being the experience to iPhone and Mac this autumn and will update the current iPad version.

Since the game first soft-launched in Australia in July 2013 and raced up to #2 on the paid iPad games charts on the App Store, a whole new level of depth and challenge and an impressive volume of new content has been added. With the iPhone and Mac version release, the total new content since launch will be include four new levels, 30 new resources, new building types and structures, 44 new quests, a completely re-worked interface, and much more.

“We are excited and delighted to bring the TownCraft experience to the iPhone and Mac players,” said Leigh Harris, Lead Designer. “Players around the world have provided superb feedback, letting us know they genuinely appreciate the Zen-like approach to game design, huge amount of content we’ve been adding and the lack of in-app purchases. We believe players will love the expansive world and the depth of gameplay in our new version of TownCraft.”

TownCraft is an addictive, relaxing, and non-violent crafting and city-building game, set in medieval times; players are alone in the wilderness and must start a new town to be the toast of the kingdoms. Gamers begin by crafting the most basic of tools, tying a sharpened stone to a small piece of wood as a hatchet, but before long the town will be teeming and with travellers from all across the land. They’ll buy wares at the local shops, come to check out the sights, have some food and drink at the tavern players build. They’ll come looking to trade, work, fish, farm, forage, hire, fire, and explore the bizarre and distinctive world of TownCraft.

Key Features in TownCraft

  • Play a new world every time – no two worlds will ever be the same thanks to procedurally generated maps!
  • Players will test their skills at crafting, with hundreds of different objects to create.
  • Gamers can build bridges, jetties, workshops and windmills in the effort to create a fully functioning and self-sufficient town.
  • Players will order around muck-ridden peasants, who will manage their gold mines, stone quarries, crop fields, lakes, shops and taverns.
  • Users will play in a world with a real-time day and night cycle – workers will wake up, go to work, hit the tavern to meet some passing travellers later at night, and then get some shut-eye again.
  • Gamers can explore each new world and unearth countless resources, from cotton to canary eggs, gold to grapes, wheat to wax and stone to silver.
  • Players will follow an off-beat story as kingdoms vie for control.

TownCraft is produced with the support of Screen Australia, and is currently available on iPad on the APP Store for (with no in-app purchases ever); it will be out on iPhone and the Mac this autumn.

Some iPhone 5 screenshots for your viewing pleasure:

Beehive boxes and birdhouses

Beehive boxes and birdhouses

Planting a berry farm

Planting a berry farm

Picking grapes in the wilderness

Picking grapes in the wilderness

Foraging for apples

Foraging for apples

A worker tending to a vinyard

A worker tending to a vineyard



Leigh Harris
Flat Earth Games
0424 967 263


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