TownCraft is OUT NOW for iPhone and Mac

By @ 04/24/14 in news

TownCraft Mac Screen 11In case you were wondering what that slightly tingly sensation you had all over your skin when you woke up this morning was, it was your innate ESP trying to alert you to the fact that TownCraft is finally out on iPhone and Mac!

We’ve gone and launched it, complete with a launch trailer and everything, just today, and are consequently about to head to the pub so we can officially find a load of some kind and take it off whatever it is currently on. I hear that helps unwind.

So anyway, enjoy TownCraft in miniature or slightly engorged form, people!

Here’s the launch trailer for your viewing pleasure, and as always, if any of you find any bugs or issues with the new release, just holler at us and let us know!

Oh and share this with all your friends if you’re so inclined! Viva la multiplatform!


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