Announcing ‘Metrocide’, our second game!

By @ 06/03/14 in news

Metrocide_City_WallpaperSince it appears that making games is something we can actually do in an ongoing capacity (you lovely folks who’ve been buying TownCraft have meant we’ve been able to pay rent and other such luxuries), we’ve got a few irons in the fire – this is one of them.

Indie Game Magazine saw fit to feature Metrocide on the cover of its latest issue as the exclusive official announcement of the game – not a bad way to tell the world you exist, in my opinion.

Here’s the skinny: you play as T.J. Trench, a hardened, trenchcoat-laden contract killer in a futuristic Metrocide Web Site Screen 1city. You’ll be running around trying to complete contracts with vigilantes, gang members, civilians, cop drones, security cameras and more out to stop you. We’re talking perma-death here as well, and we’ve intentionally made this gameĀ very hard. Here at the studio we keep on challenging each other to beat high scores, and when we decide the game’s too easy, we just throw something else into the world to make it that much harder to hide.

This has been a game which was started by Rohan for the Cyberpunk Game Jam, but which he enjoyed making and playing enough to suggest we make it an actual Flat Earth Game, so here we are.

Check out Indie Game Mag for the feature on the game, we’ve got a web site up with a few screenshots and some oh so brooding wallpapers, and stay tuned for it.

It’ll be out middle of this year on PC and Mac.


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