Avoiding sexism from creators’ perspectives

By @ 06/23/14 in articles

Both the founders of Flat Earth have today had pieces published concerning the current and ongoing debate around the dominance of male characters in games. We’ve personally found no reason to assume that our characters ought to be male or that players specifically¬†want a male avatar, and have tried to create our games accordingly. So far, our fans have either not cared in the slightest or have been quite grateful.

So here’s Rohan, writing a guest post for Kotaku discussing how female game characters can provide the context for new gameplay opportunities:¬†http://www.kotaku.com.au/2014/06/the-most-interesting-assassins-creed-has-a-female-protagonist/

And here’s Leigh, writing about the minutia of the decisions regarding the character selection screens in both TownCraft and Metrocide:¬†http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/LeighHarris/20140623/219598/Male_normalcy_in_character_selection.php


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