It’s gold out there!

By @ 06/26/14 in news

Gold Rush ScreenI’d like to begin my three part apology regarding the lack of new maps or just content in general in TownCraft lately by shirking responsibility and placing the blame squarely at the feet of iPhone and Mac users everywhere. You see, in order to get the iPhone and Mac versions of TownCraft up and running, we first had to port it to Cocos 3. In so doing, we basically dismantled our own game and had to put it back together one piece at a time.

During this period, even meagre updates to the already-being-played iPad version simply couldn’t be done. Thus, the last time we added a new map (Desert Island) was back in March.

But now we’re back with Gold Rush (original working title: Dry as a Bone, but that sounded incredibly boring)! This is a new map which adds the ability to pan for gold and hire workers to do the same, as well as giving you new challenges to combat (lack of certain resources, having to make the rough choice between farmland and forests, wondering what the crap to do with all the sheep skulls lying around) and providing you with the usual raft of new resources to craft courtesy of our icon artist Matt, and a few new pretty objects courtesy of our environmental artist Corey.

We’re also releasing the Let’s Play video for this map alongside its launch, so if you want the lowdown on what’s new, here’s a link to the 15 minute gameplay video with developer commentary.

The map is available now in the latest update to the iOS version, and is currently going through submission for the Mac version, so should be with our Mac players any day.


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