Flat Earth to host a Game Design panel at PAX Australia

By @ 09/20/14 in news

So here’s a thing which grew out of a ‘wouldn’t it be cool if…’ moment: Flat Earth has put together a panel at PAX Australia wherein we and a bunch of other devs will take to the stage to design a game and release whatever we come up with for anyone to build upon, develop or tear-to-pieces and scrutinise. You know, depending on what mood you’re in.

Be sure to look for the ‘How to Design a Videogame From Scratch LIVE’ panel. Get there early to see it all unfold at 7.30pm on Saturday 1st November in the Dropbear Theatre.

Also, how cool is it that there’s a freaking Dropbear Theatre?!?

Our panelists include:

John Nesky (feel engineer for thatgamecompany)
Ashley Zeldin (Adorkable Games)
Ron Gilbert (Seriously? If you don’t know, I’m not going to tell you)
Morgan Lean (Director of Majestic Nights, CEO of Epiphany Games)
…and of course, Rohan and Leigh from little ol’ Flat Earth Games.

Hope to see you there! Let’s make a mess!


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