Metrocide’s mid-October release will be for Early Access

By @ 09/30/14 in news

Hey all!

It came down to the wire, but we’ve decided that although we’re technically and¬†artistically¬†happy with the game for mid-October, that extreme difficulty just might need a touch more hammering down. So we’re going with Early Access for our mid-October launch.

This means that while we need a few extra weeks (we’re aiming for late November) to make it one hundred percent final, we’re still happy to unleash it to the public on time.

It’ll also happen to be almost 50% off the final launch price, so get in while it’s freshly-baked to help us make sure it’s not TOOOOOOOOOOoooooo hard and save some sweet De Niros.

Also, WE HAVE A NEW VIDEO! Check out the video walkthrough of the core gameplay mechanics with cretors Rohan and Leigh Harris explaining the myriad ways to die in the unforgiving trenches (geddit?) of Metrocide.



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