ONE WEEK… until Metrocide is available on Early Access

By @ 10/13/14 in news

Trench closupT.J. Trench will be rampaging through the streets of Metro City one week from today. Become the contract killer and tread over corpse after corpse (pictured) to buy your way out of hell and into freedom.

Metrocide Early Access will be less than half the price of the full version, which is due out later this year. It will feature the normal story mode and Score Attack mode for all three of the zones in Metro City. We will be adding the additional game modes (which are variants on the usual play style and are designed as extras for those good enough to actually complete the core game) in a drip-feed manner between now and launch.

Why Early Access?

The game is hard. Very hard, in fact, and we’re keen to ensure that the hardest difficulty setting is every bit as punishing as we intend it to be, but that easy mode, while still a real challenge, isn’t so difficult as to make the game impossible for noobs.

All the tools, toys and guns we want for the final game, all the levels and all the mission variants will be in there.

You’ll be able to get it on Early Access via Steam (of course), but we’ve also signed with indie label Surprise Attack to help bring Metrocide to as many other digital stores as we can manage. So you can also find us available for Early Access on Humble Store, Amazon, GamersGate, GreenmanGaming, but that’s just the beginning!

Stay tuned and check your six…


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