Contract killings aplenty spread on YouTube

By @ 10/18/14 in news

With just two (2) days to go until Metrocide is available on Early Access under Steam, Humble and other digital stores, videos are starting to pour out all over YouTube.

So if you’re keen to see people who aren’t the creators of the game having a stab at slaughtering their way through Metro City for a change, check out the below links, or check out the recent preview over on!

Ziggy D has a first playthrough of Metrocide as well as other Aussie indies Super Mega Mega and Black Annex (which we also wholeheartedly recommend you check out) from the recent EB Expo here in Sydney:

Meanwhile, Tone Deaf (aka Ryan) works his way through the city in a Let’s Play wherein he discovers the merits of a big shotgun and a dark alleyway:



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