Metrocide coming 15th December

By @ 12/02/14 in news

It’s official! We have a release date for version 1.0 of Metrocide! 15th of December, 2014 will see T.J. Trench spill ALL the blood on the dank, squalid streets of Metro City!

True to our word, we’ve been on Early Access just for a few weeks while we polish and tweak the difficulty, and now it’s time to actually get it out there. We’ve sent word to press far and wide (if you’re a press person who didn’t receive an email, hit us up for review codes) and folks are beginning their reviews as we speak.

That said, PC Powerplay┬ádecided to do a full review of the game in its Early Access state anyway! They’ve given the game 8 out of 10, and had much praise for the emergent gameplay (buzzword apology here) and called the game ‘classy’. Hell yeah!

Meanwhile, Destructoid called Metrocide ‘a thinking person’s Hotline Miami’, which kind of blew me away, and Rock Paper Shotgun chronicled their many, many, many deaths at the hands of police drones and vigilantes left, right and centre.

The ball is rolling now, folks! Two short weeks and we’re out!


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