We got distracted, but TownCraft is totally coming for PC

By @ 01/30/15 in news

So we freely admit we may have gotten a little carried away with releasing Metrocide, but it’s out so now, as promised WAAAAAAY back at PAX Australia in 2013, we’ll be bringing TownCraft to PC!

It’ll be hitting Steam and all good digital retailers (including DRM-free ones) on 26th February.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking ‘Leigh, you devilishly handsome rapscallion! That’s a remarkably near date! Are you certain you don’t mean next year?’, and I’m saying no! No, folks! That date is not in error. It’s actually just 4 short weeks away.

Hardcore Flat Earthicans who have subscribed to our mailing list are already playing it to help us iron out the bugs (you really should subscribe to that there mailing list, by the way), and since it already dropped on Mac in early 2014, this version has actually been pretty free and easy.

So tell your friends, grab your nearest cowbell and take to the streets, hire a skywriter because TownCraft is finally hitting PC! Sorry it took so long everybody!


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